Sunday, June 25, 2023

Day 15 - Wichita, KS to Denver, CO

We played our last concert in the road in Wichita, spent the night in host homes, and started our journey toward Colorado. There were some games on the bus to help pass the time.

And some napping:

We had a choir dinner of delicious perogies:

Then it was off to Meow Wolf, an interactive art exhibit. It was an incredible place that really has to be seen in person to experience it. We had a great time exploring on our last night on the road:

We spent a few hours there which was so fun. After that we headed to the hotel and had some time for swimming.

The drive from Denver to home is a long one so we had to meet at the bus at 6:45am. Hotel breakfast wasn’t open yet so they put together grab and go bags of muffins, fruit and yogurt for us. Hard to believe tour is almost over and we'll be home soon. 

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