Sunday, June 25, 2023

Day 16 - Denver, CO to Salt Lake City, UT

 All good things must come to an end and here we are...  

We left the hotel bright and early and headed home. We made a stop in Laramie, Wyoming and voted for the Marsha Vilven Award. It was a beautiful day so we had to take a picture:

We passed around our tour yearbooks for everyone to sign. It was a bittersweet ride home.  Ed was with us in spirit on tour and Flat Ed was there sitting in the front row of the bus. 

Hanging out on the bus the last day:

Trying to get the cross stitch done!  

At last we arrived in Salt Lake City where we unloaded the bus, the luggage, and bells for the last time this season.  We set up in the church like we have for the last 2 week. Finally when everything was ready to go we went into the gym for a potluck with our families. We were all so excited to see everyone we didn't take any pictures.  Oops!  

After dinner we got dressed and headed to the last concert. It was packed with family, friends and Wesley Bell Ringer fans. The Beauty and the Beast medley was exciting as we had a special guest:

The seniors nailed their song, Hotel California, and were given a very enthusiastic standing ovation.  Then it was time for awards. The Marsha Vilven Award is given to the ringer who contributed the most to the choir over the year. This year the choir chose James as the recipient.  Good job James!   

The Honor Bell is given to choir members whi provide exceptional service to the choir. This year honor bells were given to Conner, James, Lily and Zooey.  Thank you for being such greater ringers and ambassadors! You all definitely deserved these honors:


Sadly, the last concert had to come to an end.  We took one last picture as the 2023 tour group:


We had an incredible time on this tour and had the opportunity to experience so many things: NASA to New Orleans, plantations to Pensacola, beaches to Bamahenge, Country Music Hall of Fame to Charleston, Savannah to Sumter, and the list goes on. 

Thank you to all of the ringers, their families, supporters, members of CUMC, alumni, Gina, Terry, and especially Katie. This is an amazing organization!  See you on tour next year!

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