Saturday, June 24, 2023

Day 14 - Morrilton, AR to Wichita, KS

We packed up the bus in Morrilton, Arkansas and headed to Kansas. We had to drive through Oklahoma to get to Wichita so we were in 3 states today, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas. Oklahoma is home to Braum’s ice cream so we made sure to stop:

We also made a fun stop at a gas station with a dog park. We had to pose with a pup:

We played at First United Methodist Church in Wichita which was a beautiful building.

The organist demonstrated the organ for us and the sound was so impressive.  

The church made a taco bar dinner for us and we had Braum's ice cream sandwiches for dessert. 

We had some visitors for this concert. Dave Haun, ringer 56 who lives in Austin, Texas who played with Terry, tries to come to a concert whenever he can. This year he made the day-long drive in a car instead of his motorcycle. It's always nice to have alumni visit:

We also had some Manning family from Oklahoma come to see Conner ring for the first time. They made a 2 hour drive to see us:

Tonight was the last time staying at host homes this tour.  It's always fun to compare stories in the morning. Part of the fun of tour is having the opportunity to talk to new people and learn about them. Conner spoke with an engineer from an aviation company who recommended he apply for an internship they offer for engineering students. You never know how ringing bells may influence your life!

This morning we are heading to Denver for our last night. We'll see everyone on Sunday for the home concert!

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