Saturday, June 24, 2023

Day 13 - Nashville, TN to Morrilton, AR

Today we had long drive day from Nashville to Morrilton, Arkansas  To  liven things up a bit we hit a grocery store for supplies and went to a state park for a picnic

Standing on the table to try and avoid ticks:

Lily loves lettuce!

Chloe found a turtle:

After our fun park adventure we made our way to Morrilton, Arkansas.  This is the 4th time we have played at this church. They are a very welcoming group and made us spaghetti for dinner with lime sherbet and cookies for dessert.  We earned two more standing ovations tonight. Everyone was impressed with our fine group of ringers.

Some of the group stayed at host homes and some stayed at the church. Some of us who stayed at the church went geocaching for some late night fun:

Tomorrow we have another long bus ride to Wichita as we make our way to Salt Lake City. 

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