Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Wesley Bell Ringer 2018 Summer Bell Tour - Day 7 - Chicago to Osceola IN

It's back to work for The Wesley Bell Ringers today as the group traveled from the big city of Chicago to Osceola Indiana.  As the bus distance from Illinois to tonight's concert was a short two hours, there was time for an adventure first thing at The Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago.  For some who have came back to support the choir, this was a repeat visit, but for the greater majority this was the first time to visit this extraordinary museum.  It is always interesting traveling with a larger group as it can be taxing to get everyone to, from, and inside venues such as today, but The Museum of Science & Industry is very well practiced in managing tour groups of all sizes & made this one of our easiest events yet.  

After lunch & museum fun, the choir was able to grab a quick nap before unpacking the bus & setting up in Osceola.  As the Osceola United Methodist Church houses an daycare, The Wesley Bell Ringers had some extra special encouragement today as they practiced.  

The Wesley Bell Ringers visit The Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago today. 

This group ready to check out the U-Boat experience.

This group ready as well.


A great stop for Ella

Look who we picked up in Chicago!  We are so glad Eric is here to chaperone the chaperones. 

Thanks Ed for the supplemental lunch $$$ for today. 

When your freeway off ramp is closed, Google finds an alternative route such as this! 

Osceola United Methodist Church, Osceola Indiana.  The Wesley Bell Ringers met this church on Facebook.  

Today's practice encouragement team! 

When a church goes the extra mile to house the choir, we feel the love.  

The Wesley Bell Ringers are feeling like rock stars when they see support like this.  THANK YOU Osceola!

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