Thursday, June 15, 2017

Wesley Bell Ringer 2017 Summer tour - DAY 5 - Los Angeles Calfornia to Rancho Palos Verdes California - Wednesday June 14h, 2017

Celebrating Flag day

 Day 5 started bright & early as we are not exactly accustomed to the traffic of Southern California.  Be warned - day 5 is a overload of photos day, but fear not, day 6 will be a long bus drive, so will be less for you to scroll through....

  • After loading the bus (Day 5 & they ARE getting quicker!) we took a quick side trip to the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery which was a quick block away from the Westwood Presbyterian church where the Wesley Bell Ringers played the night prior.  The Westwood Cemetery is the final resting place of some of Hollywood & the world's greatest, including Marilyn Monroe, Farrah Fawcett, Dean Martin, Truman Capote and many more.  Sometimes it is the impromptu stops like these that mean the most & hold the best memories for the choir. 
  • From there we took a quick trip up to the Griffith Observatory (though not open to tour inside, for those bell ringers who are fans of the movie LA LA LAND, this was a much anticipated stop).  Amazing views & a spot that will be put on the list to visit again during a future tour. 
  • Day 5 was also beach day & The Santa Monica Pier was our next destination.  The favorite activity for the chaperone group - spraying your kids down with sunscreen happened as they got off the bus - we did an OK job this time, they do look a little pink during the performance at St Peters by the Sea in Rancho Palos Verde tonight! 
Day 5's concert for The Wesley Bell Ringers was at St Peter's by the Sea in Rancho Palos Verde California & this church is just as amazing as it sounds.  The audience was filled with hand bell fans & The Wesley Bell Ringers would like to send out a special THANK YOU to Debbie, the hand bell choir director at St Peter's b the Sea who make this concert a huge success.  It was a pleasure to play here.

They even smile at 7:30 am - after all they are in Southern California & it is a BEACH day!

Special THANK YOU to Katie's Uncle Mike for making the Westwood experience a possibility.

A nice surprise for Anna, her friend Courtney came to the concert in Westwood. 

One of the many residents of the Westwood Cemetery

Marilyn Monroe

Griffith Observatory - It was in LA LA LAND!

What an amazing building

Hence the reason why your kids are a little "pink" today.  Not a cloud in the sky

The beach & rides, oh my!

Molly, Pamela, & Jack B waiting on lunch

Charlie & Marko were enjoying a bit as well.

Oh Gina....

It can't be the end of the road Ed, it is only day 5!

Yes MOMs, we did put on sunscreen!

Catching the waves

Just a quick snack before getting on the bus.  Not sure if this is the best idea of the day....

St Peter's by the Sea

 Another surprise guest for Anna - her SLC roommate, Samantha!
Holden & his fan club after the show
Katie & family: Grandparents - Larry & Dottie & John & Ruth Lay.  Thank you all for the support!

And your featured ringer of today:

Get to know your Wesley Bell Ringers…
You can call me:
(3rd year ringer)
If I were a hand bell, I would be a:
My favorite Wesley Bell song is:
Little Fugue
This tour I am most excited for:
Beach time in LA
What being a Wesley Bell Ringer means to me?
 Being a Wesley Bell Ringer to me means showing respect & loyalty to those before you.  To show respect for the choir.

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