Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wesley Bell Ringer 2017 Summer tour - DAY 4 - Bakersfield California to Los Angeles California - Tuesday June 13th, 2017

Tuesday morning in Bakersfield CA.  Our hosts at Solera at Kern Canyon rolled out the carpet & treated the Wesley Bell Ringers to a fantastic pancake breakfast made by all of our host families.  We all enjoyed an amazingly cool summer morning breakfast outside by the pool (Katie, next tour can we just say at Solera in Bakersfield for the entire two weeks????)
Most amazing tour breakfast ever.  Maybe we could enlist this crew to host our WBR pancake Sundays from now on!

Such a great place, we could have stayed all day!

Once breakfast was finished The Wesley Bell Ringers had some time to learn the fine art of Bocce Ball, a sport the residents at Solera take VERY seriously.  After a few quick lessons, the ringers organized teams & took to the courts.   After this morning, there was talk about The Wesley Bell Ringers starting a new youth group....The Wesley Bell Bocce Ball Players?!?!

Getting instructions from the Bocce master

Nice & gentle Molly

The Wesley Bell Ringers played another great show in Westwood Los Angeles.  The church was amazing & the audience, though small, left in WOW of what this group can do with their bells.  Special THANK YOU to Mike & Katherine Sohigian, Uncle & Aunt of Katie who made playing in Westwood possible.  We will be back...soon.

Holden with The Dubinskas family - Close Friends of The Regnier's

Chaundra & Katie

Elana & Chris Dixon - Aunt & Uncle of Connor Stevens

Holden & Tina, Molly, & Marin Meadors- close family friends of the Regnier family

Tuesday's venue
 Tuesday's featured ringer:

Get to know your Wesley Bell Ringers…

You can call me:
(4th year bell ringer)
If I were a hand bell, I would be a:
My favorite Wesley Bell song is:
Lux Etera or Rhapsody in Blue
This tour I am most excited for:
Kayaking/Stand up Paddle boarding & The Grand Canyon!
What being a Wesley Bell Ringer means to me?
 Being a 2nd generation WBR member  having grown up around the choir, being a part of WBR was my destiny!  It's a family tradition part of my life as an Allison.

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