Friday, June 22, 2018

The Wesley Bell Ringer 2018 Summer Bell Tour - Day 15 Helena Montana to Hamilton Montana

Day two for The Wesley Bell Ringers in the state of Montana & 2nd to last concert night on!  The end is near.  As the choir loaded up the bus in Helena, the head count grew by one as devoted WBR fan begged & pleaded to join the bus journey for the next couple of stops.  With a few extra seats on the bus, this fan's wish was granted!

Helena to Hamilton Montana was an extraordinarily beautiful drive through mountains and mountain communities & the choir was greeted at the grocery store in town by the rest of the Mittelstadt family who organized the Hamilton stop.  Not sure if the kids were more excited to see the Mittelstat's or their dog, everyone was happy to see some familiar faces as we head home.  

Lake Como near Hamilton a beautiful spot for the annual WBR picnic & despite the wind, the choir took advantage of their time here, swimming, or trying to swim, eating, and enjoying spending time in the mountains in Montana. A special thank you to Al Sherwood, WBR alumni ringer who came up to Lake Como ahead of the choir to save space & for supplying kayaks for the group to use.    With some time to spare, The Wesley Bell Ringers hit main street in Hamilton in search of Montana stickers, shirts, & various souvenirs (believe it or not, some do have money still!) before the less than half mile trek to The First Presbyterian Church in Hamilton.  Thanks to the marketing efforts of the Mittelstat's, The Wesley Bell Ringer's concert poster was posted in the majority of the local shops & restaurants.  

Tonight's concert was at The First Presbyterian Church in Hamilton.  This smaller quaint church in Hamilton was another opportunity to play in a unique setting to a bell loving audience.  Dinner, again was amazing....what are we going to do when we get home & have to come back to "real" life without breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner & desert? 

Our WBR fan!  Who wouldn't let this face on the bus?  We couldn't stand to see him cry!  Seriously - THANK YOU TERRY for traveling to Montana & joining us.  You were a great surprise.  

One, two, three four....

Lake Como Montana picnic day!

Reunited mom & daughter.

We are so grateful for the Mittlestat family!

Day 15 & the chaperones are still smiling.

And the award for most creative sandwich making goes too.....

Pretty cool seeing The Wesley Bell Ringer poster up around town.

Taking a break after an afternoon of shopping main street Hamilton.

If I had a nickel for every local coffee shop The Wesley Bell Ringers have visited along tour, I'd be rich.  

A ringer enjoying her time reading a book.  

Here we are again!
Ed & alumni ringer Al Sherwood

"So, in The Wesley Bell Ringer movie Ed, who do you want to play you?"  Ask Terry today

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