Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Wesley Bell Ringer 2018 Summer Bell Tour - Day 14 Miles City Montana to Helena Montana

Rain, hail, & more rain was the view today from the bus on the way to Helena Montana.  The Wesley Bell Ringers put some miles on the road today as we moved back into the mountain terrain we are all accustomed to.  Time was spent sleeping & thinking about coming home on Sunday, as usual the time has gone by incredibly fast.  

Lunch was quick in Billing Montana.  Many of the choir took advantage of a "sample lunch" at Costco to save their last remaining funds for the next four days.  Two weeks on tour teaches us many things, especially how to creatively eat cheap or for free - a very useful skill as some move into their college experiences next.  

Afternoon bathroom break was at a unique spot - Wheat Montana in Three Forks.  Delicious pastries & treats were had by all.  

Tonight's concert was held at Our Redeemer Lutheran in Helena Montana.  The choir got lucky & were able to unload the bus between thunderstorms & were treated to another amazing dinner (don't worry parents, your kids are eating very well on tour) hosted in the church.  

After a day off,  The Wesley Bell Ringers were well rested & played yet another incredible concert. 

Hotel night in Miles City, Montana.  Give The Wesley's a dollar store & a hotel lobby, & are guaranteed to create fun.  

So many pastries, so hard to choose, so everyone decided to share at the afternoon rest stop in Montana. 

Our Redeemer's Lutheran, Helena Montana

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