Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Note From the Chaperones

So, WBR parents we are having a great time, meeting wonderful people and staying with very nice hosts. Bus life is better than one would think. We have plush seats and personal freedom to decorate our space. Your kids are wonderful, funny, energetic, exhausted, exhausting, hot, tired, goofy, loving, helpful and hardworking.

We've had adventures that have worked beautifully -- Disneyland, the beach and the Tucson Festival. Other adventures have been more improvised -- the cancelled guided cave tour, the picnic in the "snakeskin park". Most of all, we look forward to seeing everyone Sunday so you can hear these fantastic kids.

Love, the Chaperones


Barbara said...

LOVE the pictures! Cannot wait until Sunday!

Snowy said...

Thanks so much for the notes. I didn't know about the blog til last night! I love the pics, too.

Wesley Bell Ringer Summer tour

The Wesley Bell Ringer 2018 Summer Bell Tour - Day 17 - Idaho Falls to SLC -FINAL DAY

It was a great tour, ending way too quick.  Thanks to everyone who supported The Wesley Bell Ringers in along the way.....Until next year.....