Friday, June 16, 2017

Wesley Bell Ringer 2017 Summer tour - DAY 7 - Prescott Arizona to Flagstaff Arizona - Friday June 16th, 2017

Day 7....We are half way there....

Firstly, we solved the mystery - is it pronounced Prescott or Prescott -  you say it like biscuit, Prescott like the locals do!  The Wesley's loaded the bus in record time this morning in anticipation of a day at The Grand Canyon, a first for many of us on the bus.  After a bit of housekeeping such as bank, devotional, and everyone's favorite - auction,  The Wesley's  settled in for a two hour ride to our first Grand Canyon spot.  A bit of exploring, a bit of lunch, and yes, of course shopping for those ever memorable tour treats made for a fast paced day, but we managed to get it all in.

The day went by too quickly we all thought as we got back on the bus to make it to Flagstaff to set up for Day 7.  Second night in Arizona & our second night in the mountains with scenery & temps closer to what we experience in SLC, rather than what we were thinking Arizona should be like.   Nobody is complaining as we know that tomorrow traveling into Tucson and further into New Mexico & Texas the HOT summer weather will catch up with us.  So far we couldn't have asked for better weather for our first 7 days of tour. 

Trinity Heights United Methodist Church in Flagstaff Arizona was the concert venue tonight, and again The Wesley Bell Ringers were welcomed as if they were the Beatles coming to town.  Thanks to former Wesley Bell Ringer Jim Janacek, the Wesley's have another great church to play in.  It is hard to believe that tomorrow it will be one week since we left Salt Lake City!  Another amazing concert, The Wesley Bell Ringers are getting better & better.

Dave & Kay treated this group to a delicious peach homemade jam (legendary, so we are told!) & an early morning hike through the Prescott national forest.

The morning auction - who doesn't love buying their own items back???

Pamela & her prize as she was the first ringer to complete her needlepoint craft this tour.

It was the most amazing day at The Grand Canyon National Park, if only we could have stayed time for sure.

Molly, Charlie, Liam, Connor, & Marko taking in the sights

Connor, Emma, Holden, Mady, Jack, & Mandy at another view point

At least he had sunscreen on, Mom.  Thanks Pamela for lending him a hand.

Oh, the friends you will meet at The Grand Canyon.

No words needed here!

Pamela, Bobbie, Nolan, Jack, & Ella enjoying the day. 

Trinity Heights United Methodist Church in Flagstaff Arizona.  This mountain setting was amazing.


By the way....special thank you to all of the packages & cards that have been sent along the way.  Every one has been appreciated & The Wesley Bell Ringers are FEELING LOVED from you at home! 


Today's featured Wesley Bell Ringer is...

Get to know your Wesley Bell Ringers…
You can call me:
Connor "VW" Van Wagoner (first year ringer)
If I were a hand bell, I would be a:
Choir Chime
My favorite Wesley Bell song is:
Allegro Con Moto
This tour I am most excited for:
Carlsbad Caverns
What being a Wesley Bell Ringer means to me?
Dedication to work with others to create music & to make long lasting relationships.

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