Monday, June 17, 2019

The Wesley Bell Ringer 2019 summer tour - Day 9 - Rindge NH to Duxbury MA

The choir has learned that cell service & internet service in the New England area is limited, so in order to get some information out to you - This blog will be short.  More photos, less words!

A couple notes:

  • 2nd hotel night was a success!  Everyone did amazing.  
  • Boston Freedom trail tour in Boston, in the rain was amazing.  Over 5 miles of walking & everyone was full of energy for the concert in Duxbury. 
  • The Wesley Bell Ringers said goodbye to Tif & Carl & picked up a surprise guest - John Lay (Katie's dad) in Boston. 
  • Duxbury was a return concert venue & the choir was visited by former WBR ringer, Lisa Arnold (Mcgill) bell ringer #145 who traveled an hour plus to share her bell ringer stories & give some great advice & encouragement to today's choir.  THANKS LISA! 

The Wesley Bell Ringers on the "bla bla bla" tour hosted by Katie

Junior ranger time in Boston

More Junior rangers

Junior rangers

Always gracious about taking yet another "group photo"

And someday they will be able to go inside! 

Pig photo for Tif

Enjoying the sights in Boston

Enjoying some street music

Wishing they have a few hand bells to play along

No caption needed here
Duxbury concert venue
Sharing WBR stories with Lisa
Taking a try at the Boom A Gong

Awesome lunch stop in Boston.  Most had the CHOWDA

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