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Wesley Bell Ringer 2017 Summer tour - DAY 12 - Abilene Texas to Lubbock Texas --Wednesday June 21nd, 2017

Day 13 - Abilene Texas to Lubbock Texas -  KAYAK DAY!  Who would have thought that the most amazing kayak & stand up paddle board adventure would be in TEXAS?!?! Thanks to Gina, The Wesley Bell Ringers spent the morning at SUP Abilene (If you know anyone near or in Abilene Texas, please tell them about this gem)  The owners came in early so that the ringers could get as much time on the water as possible. 

The Loveday Family  minus Shannon.  We miss you Shannon!

Paddle boarding like pros

Ella & Charlie taking a break from the water

We loved our day at SUP Abilene

The Captain & her first mate?

Go Molly & Pamela go!

Volley ball two tours in a row.  Perhaps a new tradition?

Connor VW, great job!

Show off Katie

The kayak location also doubled as the traditional picnic location. With a large number of new ringers on this tour, time has been taken to explain the "why" behind the traditions & things that are done on tour such as the needlepoint created by Ed, tour manuals, and the picnic day.  The reason for the picnic is simply because it is something the choir started a while back & it has just continued.  Nonetheless, it is special & the kids loved it. 

The picnic crew this year - Liam, Pamela, Emma, & Holden did a fantastic job of shopping for the group

Two and a half hours from Abilene to Lubbock, just enough time for a nap by almost everyone & a quick pit stop to a place called HAPPY which made shaved ice, smoothies, and frozen lemonades with tea bubbles!  If only there was a HAPPY in SLC. 

Happy in Lubbock Texas.  Have you ever heard bubble tea?  The are a tea based mix/shaken with fruit or mild to which chewy tapioca balls & fruit flavored jelly are often added.  Delicious with a shaved ice or smoothie or probably anything else.  This group is hooked

Even Ed participated in the Happy experience.  I cannot confirm, but do believe he is now a fan of bubble tea.

Tonight's concert in Lubbock Texas is a return event.  The Wesley Bell Ringers played at this same church 4 years ago on the 50th anniversary tour.  The congregation was excited to have us back and yet again, St Luke's has a bell choir.   Thanks to Laurie McCabe who was our contact in Lubbock, aunt to former ringer Larni Emery. 

St Luke's United Methodist Church in Lubbock Texas

Before dinner practice with Ed front & center to support. 

Dinner is a great time to get to know members of the community. 


Something very special happened at the concert in Lubbock Texas.  Pastor Jon & support brought 12 youth from First UMC in Denver City Texas to Lubbock to see The Wesley Bell Ringers perform.  Denver City Texas is more than 100 miles away from the concert venue & this group took the drive in the heat to be part of tonight's concert.  First UMC in Denver City has an adult bell choir, The Glory Ringers & hopefully have been inspired by The Wesley Bell Ringers to take a page from Ed's book & start a youth choir. 

Thank you so much kids for traveling to Lubbock tonight.  You made our nights & we hope you were inspired by The Wesley Bell Ringers & start your own choir.  Let us know when you hit the road on YOUR summer tour. 

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