Tuesday, June 14, 2011

WBR Tour 2011 -- Atlanta to Charleston to Surfside Beach

Downtown Charleston, SC

Pirate Museum, Beaufort NC

Myrtle Beach, SC

Kayaking in South Carolina

In the hotel in Georgia, it was pouring rain and me, Haley, Alicia, Desi, Luke, Josh F. , Jeff and Larni played in the rain for a long time! It was so fun!

Georgia rain is heaven...

Grace United Methodist Church, Charleston SC
Last night's concert was where the prayer really hit me. It made me think of the future and what could happen.

Southern people are so great and always so willing to help...
Surfside Methodist Church, SC

Our first host family served Ed and me and two boys, Jeff and Matt, a big southern breakfast. Eggs, ham, pancakes, grits and orange juice. We enjoyed!

The dolphins were amazing and the guides were really chill, [while sea kayaking] which is nice in the muggy heat!

The Pool Party with 19 bell kids and the youth from the church was so fun! Especially after playing an amazing concert.

So much fantastic food and hospitality...

When they say southern hospitality they mean it! Everyone was so nice and welcoming, which helped with an amazing concert.
Hayley F.


FoX said...

About time that you posted! Looks like a fantastic time is being had by all, and I expect that the music is coming along nicely. Best of luck going forward.


PS. Hello Family!

Becca said...

Tour looks like so much fun this year! I'm glad you guys are having such a good time :) I can't wait to see you all and hear all of your stories! I miss you guys!
Love, Becca

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