Friday, June 14, 2019

The Wesley Bell Ringer 2019 summer tour - Day 7 - West Rutland VT to Gorham ME

Today is the half way (kind of) point for The Wesley Bell Ringer's 2019 summer tour.  It was on 8pm the Friday before that the choir & chaperone group loaded the bus in SLC.  No one can believe how fast this first week has gone by.  Everyone is having so much fun that if you asked the kids today, they would say that they don't want this tour to end.  Today was the much beloved kayak day.  A tour tradition & a favorite by all. Lake Winnipesaukee lake is the largest lake in New Hampshire & for the hour our so the choir was on it, was the most popular tour stop to date.  All of the choir participated & with the guidance of chaperone Carla & directors Katie & Anna all made it back to the launching spot dry (mostly dry).

The Wesley Bell Ringer kayak day....a long lasting tradition. 

Conner, the first one in the water

Anna supervising from behind

row Jacob row

Don't lose a ringer, Katie

1st Kayak adventure for Barrett

Andi looking like a pro

Thanks Carla for representing the Chaperone group on the water

Rachel ready to have fun

Go James Go

Theo & Lewis ready for this adventure

Stay dry Carter!

Off they go

Kayak day was a favorite of Theo

Holden & Molly proud of their accomplishment

The drive from VT to ME was one of green rolling hills, trees, postcard looking communities that everyone wished we had time to stop & visit.  The rain continued, thankfully after the kayak trip ended and the skies opened up to an incredible view at this concert venue - Cressey Road United Methodist Church.  This too was a return visit for The Wesley Bell Ringers as their 3rd time in Gorham ME.  In a keepsake book at this location, proof was even found of a former Wesley Bell Ringer Concert.

The Wesley Bell Ringers 2013 with Terry as director
Cressey Road United Methodist church Gorham ME

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