Thursday, June 22, 2017

Wesley Bell Ringer 2017 Summer tour - DAY 1 - Salt Lake City Utah to Sparks Nevada - Saturday June 10th, 2017

Wesley Bell Ringer Summer tour – Day one

  • Snacks?  Check.
  • Phone chargers?  Check.
  • Tour manuals?  Check.
  • Uniforms?  Check.
  • Bells?  Check.
  • Wesley Bell Ringers?  Katie?  Anna?  Chaperones? Ed’s jr. Keeper – Zooey?  ED?  Check, check, check, check, check, AND CHECK!

The bus was loaded* with everyone on board excited & ready to get this show on the road!  Today’s drive across Northern Nevada in route to Sparks was one of the longest bus days of this journey, giving everyone a good opportunity to settle into their seat area – a place to call home – for the next two weeks. 

You would have never known that The Wesley Bell Ringer performance in Sparks Nevada was the first of this tour.! The choir did an exceptional job & received many praises from their audience.  Now if we could just to get them to SMILE!!

The Wesley Bell Ringers had a fantastic audience for stop #1 in Sparks.  We had friends, family, and a couple awesome Alumni Bell Ringers cheering the choir on: 

Jon & Tia Middelstadt, Alumni Wesley Bell Ringers & relatives of Emma Allison & Ella Middelstadt , pictured with Founder, Ed Duncan were great hosts tonight!

Thank you to Greg, Taryn, and Parker Wright - Family of Holden - for driving down from Tahoe to watch Holden & choir & for taking Zooey home with you!

Greta & Jim Coon with mom Sharron also traveled down from Tahoe to support Holden.  You guys are the best! 

Each day on tour you will get the opportunity to learn a bit more about each ringer & why this choir is so special!  Enjoy!

Get to know your Wesley Bell Ringers…

You can call me:


Pam or Pamela

(1st year ringer. 1st WBR tour)

If I were a hand bell, I would be a:


Sliver melody bell

My favorite Wesley Bell song is:


Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella

This tour I am most excited for:


Carlsbad Caverns

What being a Wesley Bell Ringer means to me?


I am part of a unique legacy where

 I can do fun things with fun people.


*Special thanks to our alumni Wesley Bell Ringers – Wes, Cullen, Corey, who gave this year’s crew a crash course in loading the bottom of the bus as well as all of our parent & friend well- wishers who came out first thing on a Saturday morning to send us off.  We will miss you all! 

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