Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 10 - West Rutland, Vermont to Chelmsford, Massachusetts

This morning after our awesome breakfast at St. Bridget's, we were on the road once more. This time we are traveling to Chelmsford, MA through Boston. The morning was the usual, vitamins, writing thank you cards, a devotion, the bank, and then "quiet time." Everyone LOVES quiet time because you get to catch up on much needed rest.

After arriving in in Boston (with alot of traffic), we ate lunch at Quincy Market. Then we walked part of the Freedom Trail. We were able to see where the Boston Massacre happened, where Samuel Adams, Mother Goose, and Paul Revere are buried, the Old South Meeting House, and King's Chapel, and finally finishing up at Boston Commons. We traveled about an hour to Aldersgate UMC in Chelmsford.  Lisa Arnold,  daughter of Larry and Marilyn McGill, and a WBR alum, arranged this visit. The choir has played at this church before. We had tacos for dinner, a first on this tour!. We have also become great friends with the mosquitoes for the past three days. :)


At Quincy Market in downtown Boston

Walking the Freedom Trail

Mail is always handed out at dinner. Check out this delivery!

From controlled chaos to "ready to go" in about 15 minutes.

Wait - who's that on the bass row??

On Sunday morning (Day 11), we played during the church service at Aldersgate. We played four songs (Joy, Finale, Noah, and Gospel). While we have been on the bus, we have been learning about the Fruits of the Spirit from Galatians. We have received a different colored bracelet for each fruit. The last several days each ringer and chaperone, director and bus driver have picked a colored bracelet and are concentrating on that particular fruit for day. Today, the sermon was about the Fruits of the Spirit, talk about a "God moment!"

Notes from the ringers: 

Boston was a lot of fun. We spent the day exploring Quincy Market and walking along the Freedom Trail. Terry was especially full of Terry Facts in Boston. Did you know that the Chipotle Mexican Grill in Boston was established in 1820 and started the debate on immigration? (In case you believed me, that is a Terry Fact and is completely untrue.) Kelly, Larni and I bought Build-a-Bears in Boston and named them Philly, Yorkie and Boston. The church we played in was kind of small, but the audience was a lot of fun to play for. The following morning we played 4 songs at the church’s worship service and the sermon given was on The Fruit of the Spirit, which coincidentally is also this year’s Ed Devotional.  -Desi                                                                                                                      
Exploring Boston was tons of fun.  We went to Quincy Market for lunch and then went along the Freedom Trail.  On the Freedom Trail we got to see a lot of interesting places from the Revolutionary War.  Terry told us many “Terry Facts” about the city of Boston.  One of these “Terry Facts” was that in the King’s Chapel, George Washington tripped and knocked out all his teeth and that is why he had to get wooden teeth.  (This is completely untrue, so do not tell this to your children and grandchildren).  The church we played in was a tad bit small and hot, but the audience was great and fun to play for.  The next morning we played in their church service.  Coincidentally, the sermon was on the Fruits of the Spirit, which is the theme of Ed’s devotionals.             –Alicia S.

Boston was one of the coolest places to visit on tour. In Quincy Market there were many street peformers . One was riding a unitricycle thing, which was three tires on top of one another then the seat. While we went for a walk on the Freedom Trail,  Trudy would at every stop tell us many stories about that one place.At King’s Chapel she told us how it broke off from the Catholic church. These Trudy facts were actually true unlike Terry  facts. There  was a burial ground called the Granary Burial Ground which was very confusing because there were two Paul Reveres buried there so it was weird to see which one was the “real” one. My favorite part was the Robert Gould and the 54th Regiment Memorial. These men were the first African American unit in the Union and they all gave their lives in an attempt to capture a fort. That night we played at a very hot and small church. It was so hot that behind the bass tables there was a water bottle graveyard that contained at least 20 empty bottles. That was our day in Boston.

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