Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 6 - Fond du Lac, WI

On Thursday, we left Illinois for the state of Wisconsin. There were lots of cows, dairy farms, and cheese stores! We were treated to an afternoon at House on the Rock, an unforgettable experience. Did you know Frank Lloyd Wright was born in Wisconsin? We arrived at Jake Mangleson’s grandmother’s church, Holy Family Catholic Church in Fond du Lac, WI. Fond du Lac means “foot of the lake.” The town is on the south end of Lake Winnebago. Some of the ringers even stayed at host homes on the lake. Tomorrow we are going on the duck boats at Wisconsin Dells before playing a concert in Burnsville, MN.

 Hello Salt Lake! It has been a while since we last talked so let me update you on myself. I am doing great, the bus is fun, the adventures we take every day are exciting and the churches we have been playing in are breathtakingly beautiful. Last night we got the opportunity to play in a Catholic church, which was pretty special to me being Catholic and all, the member were all welcoming and EARLY!! They made us a potluck dinner and we got to mingle with our hosts before the concert. The host home I stayed in last night was the home of the amazing Bev! She lived on the edge of the lake where the sunsets, so I’m told, are inspiring. Bev’s house was also located right next door to another host home, one holding four other girls from the choir! All in all, this was one of the best host homes I have ever had. Bev was one of the sweetest ladies I had ever met; she even made us a lunch for the next day. It included HOMEMADE CARAMEL! Anyway, I have got to go Salt Lake. I guess I’ll see ya when I see ya.
                Morgan Ryan

It was very nice to have a meal on tour that was almost entirely made by your grandma or my Nana! It was nice because I felt right at home. We saw the House on the Rock yesterday which was probably one of the coolest places I have ever been. I’ll have to go back some day to see it all.
                 Jake Mangelsen

Well…so far the Midwest has been pretty awesome apart from the countless miles of driving through corn. At first I was skeptical about journeying to the Midwest, but I can say that the Midwest truly has more to offer than what I thought at first. The great windy city was like a beacon in a sea of waving green grasses and all of the little attractions we have visited are oases in this green ocean. The people here are genuine, proud, and happy people who have made the midwest a place that rivals southern hospitality. All in all so far I am happy to be traveling and here’s to some more grand adventures.
                Bryce Pulver

House on the Rock, need we say more?

Holy Family Catholic Church, Fond du Lac, WI

At each church, we are fed a delicious dinner, and we get to get to know the folks who prepare the dinner.

Love the cheese curds!

Jake Mangelson with his grandmother, Barb


Anonymous said...

Loved having you guys at Holy Family last night. One of the best concerts ever. Hope to see the show again sometime in the future. Forrest and Andy, you were great house guests. Hope you didn't get sick from all the junk we sent you off with :) Take care. Steve and Jackie Kaufman

Anonymous said...

This blog is great! Thanks to the bloggers, keep it up. We love seeing the pictures and reading the comments.
Pam and Dave

Anonymous said...

Hi Shan following your tour with great interest from South Africa, you all look as if you are having a great time, enjoy every minute, lots of love
Oupa and Nana

Public Relations said...

Thanks Steve and Jackie. Glad you all enjoyed the concert! We appreciate your hospitality!
Thanks Pam and Dave :)
Oupa and Nana - I passed your comments onto Shannon.

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