Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 12 Sheridan, WY to Lander, WY

Wednesday, we left Sheridan for Lander, WY by way of Thermopolis, a hot springs. After lunch, we went swimming in the pool/hot springs. Once again, it was a beautiful day. We have been so luck with the weather during this tour. We arrived in Lander at First United Methodist Church and were greeted by Larni’s mom (Patty), Matt’s mom (Pam, and Forrest and Wes’s parents (Eric and Marit). This was the church the Sawyers attended before moving to Salt Lake. It is a beautiful church, and there were many of the symbols that we have learned about in the stained glass. Kaelyn Wazel, a WBR alum, was also at the concert, and got to play on Celtic Farewell. Tomorrow we head for Salt Lake City and the Handbell Musicians of America, Area XI Festival.

Notes from the Ringers…

I really enjoyed going to Lander and playing in front of my friends. It was great because I got to stay with my friend Nick, which was fun. I also liked being in my old church.
-       Wes
I really enjoyed being in Lander, my host was a full Native American and she has some amazing stories. It was fun to hear them, as listening to the great stories my hosts have is one of my favorite things about tour. In addition to the great host home, the picnic we had before swimming at Thermopolis was awesome! I also had a lot of fun seeing my family, Forrest’s family, Pam, and friends I have made from Lander at the concert. This tour was great and I am sad it is already almost over! I am definitely looking forward to next year!
-  Larni


Kaelyn Wazel, a WBR alum

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Becca said...

Haha go Kaelyn!! We wish we could have been there! We're excited to see everyone tonight -- good luck to you all!

Zach and Becca

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