Friday, June 27, 2008

6/27/08: Travel Report

Just now getting a few minutes to post a note. Unfortunately I don't have access to add pictures . . . but we are in Chicago.

A couple of days ago the group went on a wonderful Kayak adventure on the Black River. Only one kayak tipped over and all were happy and safe! What a quiet bus ride it was after getting worn out from boating!

We finally hit humid weather in Michigan. Prior to that the weather has been wonderful for all we have been doing.

In Chicago we went to the Shedd Aquarium. What a great place! We then walked over to the Water Taxis and rode over to the Sears Tower (103 stories up plus the antennas). After that adventure we spent a few hours at Navy Pier where there were shops, restaurants, amusement rides, boats and lots of people to watch. Trudy rode the swing ride to everyone's amazement! We took some pictures and will send them as soon as a chance comes up.

Unfortunately while we were having all this fun, there were some bus troubles so they towed the bus to a fixit place (with all of our luggage) and sent a replacement bus to take us to our hotel. We managed to get a toothbrush for everyone then settled down for the night. When we woke up this morning our bus was fixed and waiting for us to take us on a long ride to Waverly, Nebraska for our next concert.

Take care and we will see you all Sunday!

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Anonymous said...

Great show in Waverly guys!
-Preston (the younger motorcycle guy ;) )

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